Rope pendant light




Hemp rope pendant light is not a kind of complex product. Our job start from making a hemp rope.

The hemp rope must be weaved very tight. it is very important to the fininshed figure of the hemp rope pendant light.

Here i do not show you how to weave a hemp rope light by details. I just answer two questions from my customers.

How do we change the hemp rope color? The answer is fire. As we know the hemp rope look natural.But hemp rope light need some kind of style ,such as Loft industrial,iron rust,nordic,restoration hardware,retro metro pipe. The hemp rope pendant light will match these styles after fire treatment.

Could fire treatment clear the fibre burrs? The answer is no. It can not clear them off all.We cut them one by one before packaging.

so my dear, the hemp rope pendant light you buy from my company is really handmade.